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Project Details

    Website Design Indianapolis, SEO, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    Indy Piano Movers

    Web Design, SEO-Social Media, Web Development
    Date : December 2004
    Client : Indy Piano Movers
    Categories : Web Design, SEO-Social Media, Web Development
    Website : New site currently being developed

    The Challenge

    Designing new effective websites that would be found in the search engines and create leads for Piano Moving and Moving throughout Indiana.

    The Solution

    Created 2 new websites with forms for Indy Piano Movers and Indy Movers. The designs were easy to navigate and search engine freindly.

    The Result

    The new Indy Piano Movers and Indy Movers websites helped create a core lead development program that resulted in 40-60 new leads a month from effective website designs and top SEO rankings in a tough market. Eventually, Indy Movers went from operating in the back of a home to new 20,000 square foot office. Revenue streams were increased and new jobs were created. The partnership between P4B and Indy Movers has lasted over 10 years. Together as partners and team-mates we continue to develop new revenue streams from our SEO and marketing efforts. We have also streamlined processes through software development to save time and create better record keeping with state of the art reports, charts, and graphs. The people involved at Indy Piano/IndyMovers/Safeway have become great friends and excellent business partners.

    Website Design Indianapolis, SEO, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    All American Window Man

    Web Design, SEO-Social Media, Web Development
    Date : February 2004
    Client : All American Window Man
    Categories : Web Design, SEO-Social Media, Web Development
    Website : New site currently being developed

    The Challenge

    Back in 2004, Window Man had no online presence at all. Window Man had a logo and had done some mailing. The owners were determined to create a brand and a solid reputation as one of Indianapolis' best window companies. Many window companies already had a solid website presence in the Indianapolis area so it would be difficult to fight some of the larger nationwide companies. In addition, most of the companies were firmly established at the top of the organic search rankings.

    The Solution

    We created a professional looking website with the Window Man logo and helped find a good domain with the company name. A portfolio with different types of windows was a key part of the new web site. Keyword research was done to find the most targeted groups of keywords for the search engines. After battling with the big window companies, Window Man came out on top! Today we are still at or near the top in many search categories related to the window industry! Window Man has worked side by side with Partnerships 4 Business to create revenue streams and new marketing strategies. It continues to be a great partnership for both parties!

    Website Design Indianapolis, SEO, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    Northside Garage Doors

    Website Design, SEO-Social Media, Website Development
    Date : October 2004
    Client : Northside Garage Doors
    Categories : Website Design, SEO-Social Media, Website Development
    Website : New site launching this month

    Northside Garage Doors

    When we first came to NSGD they did not have a website presence. We developed a flash website back in 2004 and got it ranked in all of the major search engines. In 2007 we stepped forward with a new html site to optimize more pages and more keyword strings. We quickly vaulted to the top of several categories and started generating leads.

    In 2010 NSGD went with the Yellow Pages and had them develop a new site which ended up costing big $$$$$$$. The site lost all its organic rankings but was ranked in the Yellow Pages. It was simply not producing leads anymore. NSGD came back to Partnerships 4 Business in 2012 and within a couple months we got them back on top of the industry specific organic searches.

    Currently a brand new website is ready to launch as well as a new social media campaign. We consider the folks over at Northside Gargage Doors great teammates, partners, and friends. Check back soon!!!

    Software Development Indianapolis, Database Indianapolis, Software Projects Indianapolis

    Service Company Software Development

    Date : January 2013
    Categories : Software solution for a service oriented company
    Tools : PHP, MySql, HTML, AJAX, jQuery

    The Problem

    The problem was paperwork!!! At the end of each week and before payroll workers were scrambling to turn in service tickets. The service tickets were incomplete and details were provided by memory which produced bad data and client friction. Workers were also trying to piece together each week in regards to time involved for service tickets, shop time, selling, working on a truck, or picking up parts to get hours turned in for payroll.

    As parts were used off the trucks the inventories were always off. Service techs were going back out on calls without parts because it takes time to re-order expensive parts.

    The clients would get visited by state inspection units asking for certain criteria and up to date docs such as fire alarm testing and door locks etc etc. The client would call in asking for documentation which sent the office responsible for keeping this up to date scrambling to try and get them what they needed.

    The Solution

    Partnerships 4 Business built a custom software/database. The admin could enter a few details and create a pending service ticket in the system which could be viewed by location on a map. The admin could then re-visit the map and send drivers to certain area’s based on how many tickets were in that area provided by the new map. Once the service ticket was scheduled to the service tech they could log-in and enter a starting time for driving to the ticket location. Once there he would diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. Details were added to the service ticket while on location from a wireless laptop and if inventory was pulled off of a truck the admin would get notified so he could order the part. Time was logged for payroll, data was entered while on the job, and an accurate service ticket was completed and ok’d by the client rep at the service ticket location. The admin would also receive a notification that the job was complete. There was no more client friction from bad data, inventory issues, and payroll was accurate.

    If the client needed docs for a state inspection they could log-in to their control panel to print or view the docs. They could also view tickets and invoices.

    Software Development Indianapolis, Database Indianapolis, Software Projects Indianapolis

    Healthcare Software Development

    Date : June 2007
    Categories : Software
    Tools : HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, AJAX, jQuery

    The Challenge

    There was no way to track all of the triage calls from all the facilities at different locations to the nurse on call. The doctors would have to be notified via page after a call and it was cumbersome to track the call to a nurse, notification to the doctor, and a remedy for each situation with record keeping.

    The Solution

    Partnerships 4 Business created a central log-in location with rights for certain users. The users would log-in to the system and be able to handle and track calls. The nurses on staff would ask a series of questions to the caller and log the data into the software. Based on the data suggestions were built into the software to remedy a situation. All the nurses and doctors, including the billing department and admin would get copied of certain criteria from the system. If the situation was critical a doctor on call would be immediately notified from the system and handle the situation accordingly. This also created several reporting functions for billing and accurate record keeping with several filters such as category, daily, weekly, monthly, and custom lookups.

    Software Development Indianapolis, Database Indianapolis, Software Projects Indianapolis

    Logistics-Freight Software Development

    Date : July 2012
    Client : Logistics Company
    Description : Managing bulk freight requests for final mile deliveries in multiple locations throughout the country.
    Tools : HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, AJAX, jQuery

    The Problem

    Trying to manage hundreds of final mile freight deliveries throughout the country. Assigning an Agent, managing freight (shipped, received, over, short damaged,) delivery schedule, P.O.D. Handling all of this data via emails and updating spreadsheets was a daunting task, very time consuming, without reports, and nearly impossible.

    The Solution

    Partnerships 4 Business teamed up with all the parties involved and created a seamless process from start to finish. The customer would add services from the Software Control Panel. A mail would get sent to the admin letting them know that a service or several have been added. The admin would send back a price for the client to accept or reject. If accepted the admin would get another mail letting him know the service or services were approved. He would then go in and select one or several of his agents from locations across the country from the agent database. The agent would accept or decline and or another agent would get selected till all the services were set. The admin and client would get confirmation from agent and the software would send a message. Shipping would begin to the final mile locations from the client. The agents would get notified that shipment was on the way. When the agent/s received the shipment they filled out an os&d report that both the admin and client could view and or print. The agent would then deliver the shipment and fill out a P.O.D. The client and admin would get notified that shipment was complete. Reports of all varieties and timeframes are also available for admin, client, and agent.

    Website Design Indianapolis, Responsive Website Design Indianapolis, Software Developer Indianapolis, Software Development Indianapolis, SEO Indianapolis, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    Athena Roofing Website Development SEO

    Web Design, SEO, Social Media
    Date : October 2013
    Client : Athena Roofing
    Categories : Web design, SEO, Social Media

    Athena Roofing

    Athena came to us at the end of 2013. They were in need of a major website facelift. They also wanted to be highly ranked in the very competitive roofing industry not only in Indianapolis but in Texas as well. Lead generation is very important so we implemented a strategy and started a social media campaign. In just a couple short months Athena has gone from non existent on the internet to ranking in both locations. Efforts still continue at a rapid pace and results occur daily. Stay Tuned!

    Website Design Indianapolis, Responsive Website Design Indianapolis, Software Developer Indianapolis, Software Development Indianapolis, SEO Indianapolis, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    Safeway Moving Website Development

    Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Software
    Date : April 2011
    Client : Safeway Moving
    Categories : Web design, SEO, Software

    Safeway Moving Website Development

    Safeway came to Partnerships 4 Business through Indy Movers/Indy Piano Movers. Jamie Ferguson the owner of Indy Movers became the Senior Vice president of sales for Safeway Moving. At the time Safeway needed website development work. Since 2009 we have created new website technologies for Safeway Moving. Safeway is highly ranked in several categories on the internet creating opportunities for new business development.

    Currently the new Safeway Moving website is being built and its sure to be another huge success.

    We have many teammates and partners in web development but teaming up with Safeway, Jamie, and Ed has been a privilege. The communication from all sides leads to highly successful projects with excellent results.

    Website Design Indianapolis, Website Developer Indianapolis, Website Development Indianapolis, SEO Indianapolis, Search Engine Optimization Indianapolis

    Gibraltar Construction Website Development SEO

    Web design, SEO
    Date : July 2005/div>
    Client : Gibraltar Construction
    Categories : Web Design, SEO
    Website : Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Construction

    Gibraltar Construction has been with Partnerships 4 Business since 2005. They had a single page website when we contacted them so we needed to get them a proper representation of what they were all about. We put together a 5 page static html website that looked professional and was also ranked very high in commercial construction categories.

    In February of 2014 we launched a new website complete with a built in software backend so they could upload photos, create categories, and display details about each project they take on. We continue to keep them at the top in the organic SEO rankings with all of their competitors. It has been a pleasure working with Gibraltar and we look forward to many more years of continued success.

    We are ready for the next challenge. Yours!

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    Matt Grant has been in advertising since 1983. He has been involved in ad specialties, billboards, radio ads, consulting, and in 2003 started managing projects related to web development. Since 2003 he has overseen more than 150 web projects from beginning to end including designing and developing websites, result oriented SEO projects, and many software systems. The slogan at Partnerships 4 Business is "P4B gets results". We believe in consulting with each new client, confirming the tasks, and producing the desired results on time and on budget.

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